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CD of The Week

Week of 2/29/16

    Santigold - 99ȼ (Atlantic)

    A longtime favorite of ours, as well as a Philadelphia native, Santigold is back with her third album 99ȼ. Once again, Santi White combines her disparate influences into a distinct mix that can only be hers. Who else could combine fun pop hooks, indie rock keyboards, hip-hop beats and reggae vibes and have it come out sounding both unique and completely natural at the same time?

    While Santis self-titled 2008 record was full of undeniable immediacy, 99ȼ is a bit more of a grower. It kicks off with the jaunty lead single Cant Get Enough of Myself, which is pure confidence in song form, set to squiggly keyboards and punctuated with horns. However, the song can be taken at face value or as a sarcastic swipe at self-absorption. This swagger continues on the Jamaican dancehall-influenced Big Boss Big Time Business. The joyous beats of the energetic Banshee are another highlight, as is Santi gliding over the mid-80s synth-pop sounds of Rendezvous Girl.

    Unfortunately, there are a few too many mid-tempo synth-heavy songs in the second half of the record which all end up blending together and dragging the tempo down for a while. Who Be Lovin Me features rapper iLoveMakonnen, but he dominates the track more than Santi (but hey they shot the video for it at Phillys own Made In America festival last summer!). 99ȼ does close on a high note with the poppy, Cars-ish takedown Who I Thought You Were.

    99ȼ splits the difference between Santis high-energy, hooky debut and the moodier vibes of Master of My Make-Believe. Spend some time in her 99ȼ store and youll find plenty of value.

    Santigold returns to her hometown at The TLA on May 1. Vote for this weeks Top 11 @ 11 countdown and youll be entered to win a pair of tickets.

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    Review by Joey O.

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