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Josh T. Landow


Josh T. Landow

Josh has been with the Y for many years now dating back to his days as an intern at Y100 in 1997. Josh went on to be a weekend/fill-in DJ at Y100 as well as the Promotions Director until the station went off the air in February 2005. He then carried the brand on with Jim McGuinn as Y100 Rocks before partnering with another radio station until July 2010. Now Josh has gone indie again with Y-Not Radio - Philadelphia's Real Alternative!
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Joey O.

Music Director
Thursdays 4-7:30pm

Rob Huff

Thursdays 7:30-11pm
Saturdays 6-8pm

Bryne Yancey

Noise Complaint
Mondays 10-11pm
Saturdays 9-10pm

Courtney Blue

Wednesdays 3-6pm
Women Crush Wednesdays

Mark Evans

Thursdays 12-4pm


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Y-Not Internacional
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Jersey Dan

Choice Tasters Lounge
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Dan Fein

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Kara Zorrell

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Mike Fuller

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Saturdays / Fill-Ins

Matt McGrath

Mondays 8-10pm
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Asst. Music Director
Aussie Unlocked
Y-Not Philly

Joshua X

Tuesdays 4-8pm
Sounds Canadian
Every Other Tuesday 9-10pm

John Burke

T.G.I. 80's Nooner
Fridays 12-1pm

Justin Pospieck

Wednesdays 6-10pm

Dan Baker

Fridays 9am-2pm

Dave Lindquist

Wednesdays 12-3pm


Mondays 4:30-8pm

Rodney Anonymous

Rodney Anonymous Tells You How To Live
1st Fridays 9-11pm

Cat McLeod

1st Saturdays 10am-2pm

Matt Summers

Fill Ins

Dave Adler

Saturdays / Fill-Ins

Mike O'Rourke

Fill Ins

Keith Obaza

Saturdays / Fill-Ins


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