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CD of The Week

Week of 3/07/16

    Miike Snow - iii (Atlantic)

    The dance-pop trio known as Miike Snow have released their third album, fittingly titled iii. While their members were originally known for their work in Pop production (most notably for Britney Spears’ hit “Toxic”), they have garnered a huge following on their own, thanks to singles including “Animal” and “Paddling Out.” On iii, they keep their indie vibe, with a lot of pop elements added back in.

    iii is full of quick, catchy tunes, even more so than on any of their previous works, with prominent vocals throughout tracks such as “My Trigger” and “For U.” The tunes float around a distant nostalgia of funk and disco, while bringing out neo soul and club vibes, as heard on singles “Genghis Khan” and “Heart Is Full.”

    That classic Miike Snow sound is there with real piano, vintage style synths and singer Andrew Wyatt’s voice. Fuzz guitar makes an appearance on “Back Of The Car” and horns are a nicely added touch, interspersed throughout the album in subtle ways. The strings on “Longshot 7 Nights” almost harken back to the Brit-pop era and the song is probably the most straightforward track on the album.

    “Heart Is Full” features the group messing around with samples (Marlena Shaw’s “Waiting For Charlie To Come Home,” to be exact). While it could’ve been easily been a Hip-Hop track for someone like Jay Z, Wyatt puts his magic touch on it. “Heart Is Full” has more production tricks in its track than Miike Snow’s entire last two albums. “I Feel The Weight” and “Back Of The Car” are the slower jams on the album, but they still hold weight against the rest of the album. “Over and Over” and “For U” are the more experimental tracks.

    iii is funky, catchy, and full of energy and positive vibes. It shows Miike Snow reaching for something new while maintaining the importance of the ‘song’ in writing and performance. There are plenty of sounds here to keep you occupied and reaching for that rewind button.

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    Review by Andrew Johns

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