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Week of 11/14/16

    Honus Honus - Use Your Delusion (MRI)

    When we last left our superhero Honus Honus, it was 2013. He and the apostles of weirdness, Man Man, had just released On Oni Pond unto the world. After countless battles, our road weary hero retreated to the mysterious depths of Los Angeles to relax and recover. Or did he?..

    Over the past three years Honus (a.k.a. Ryan Kattner) has been doing anything but relax. He's acted, produced and directed, written a series of graphic novels, a screen play, a children's album called Booger Bubble, and a column for TheTalkhouse.com. He's been developing an animated cartoon, working as music supervisor for Fox's The Exorcist and YouTube channel Super Deluxe, and will be heading into the studio this winter to record a second Mister Heavenly album.

    One wonders where he's had the time to chew up and spew out thirteen new tracks for a solo album, but Use Your Delusion is glorious. A new cast of experienced characters and friendly faces have signed up for the new fight. Mister Heavenly bandmate, Joe Plummer (Shins/Modest Mouse) beats the skins. Actress Mary Elisabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane, Death Proof), and Shannon Shaw (Shannon & The Clams) assist with their throats. Comedian Jon Daly (Kroll Show) blasts his 'saucy, sexy sax.' At the helm is 'King' Cyrus Ghahremani (Adult Swim composer).

    Honus Honus has evolved away from the early Man Man throat twisting pots and pans percussion. The oddities have slowly been stripped away, leaving adventurous melodies and a sort of hipster doo-wop. Take the singles 'Heavy Jesus' and 'Oh-No!' The jangly surf melodies and medicated synth are natural successors of Mister Heavenly and Man Man's recent style. Honus still uses offbeat effects, but they have become sleek and digital. 'Midnight Caller,' Santa Monica' and 'Raspberry' spotlight a retro smooth, spooky synth sound. Honus throws a slinky hard core sound on 'Red Velvet' to keep us on our toes, and 'Empty Bottle' is a silly drunken Hawaiian ditty that would sound apt coming from the Bobs Burgers' character Mr. Fischoeder. But nothing exemplifies the self-described 'apocalyptic L.A. pop' sound like the Oingo Boingo tribute, and my favorite track, 'Curious Magic.'

    Because the album was self-funded & released, it is still available over at PledgeMusic.com until the end of November. Or you could get a copy at his live performance this Tuesday, November 15th at Boot & Saddle.
    Review by Shepard Ritzen

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