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Josh T. Landow

CD of The Week

Week of 3/06/17

    Minus The Bear - VOIDS (Suicide Squeeze)

    It's been five years since Minus The Bear has released any new music. The Seattle band just recently released their sixth LP entitled VOIDS, chock full of songs with lively tempos and addicting hooks. "Last Kiss" and "Give & Take" are two examples of this enduring energy that sets the album off with a playful but passionate punch. "Call the Cops" takes things into a darker direction with vocalist Jake Snider singing, "Can't stop shaking / don't think I'll ever stop / she's not working / somebody call the cops."

    You could say that "Invisible" is unintentionally ironic. Though it's a song about lying, it has an alluring beat and might be one of the strongest songs on the album. Things slow way down on the melodramatic "What About the Boat?" The track eventually picks up momentum like a big wave slowly forming in the ocean that suddenly crashes onto a beach when you aren't ready for it. 

    "Silver" is a standout comprised of so many different musical instruments and elements that create something beautifully unique. The song gets better with each passing note and might be the most interesting track on VOIDS. A deep breath is needed after "Silver" but no time is wasted after the exhale as the energy picks right back up on "Tame Beasts."

    "Erase" is a subdued song with an R&B essence. "Robotic Heart" immediately starts with a rhythm that smacks you in the face. It's a solid rock song with electro beats that would make you break a sweat on the dancefloor. "Lighthouse" ends the album on a relaxing note about reliability that slowly subsides an energetic LP into a refreshing closure.

    Minus the Bear return to Philadelphia at Union Transfer on March 25th with Beach Slang.

    Review by Gina Rullo

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