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Week of 11/20/17

    Morrissey - Low In High School (BMG)

    England's most prominent alt-rock maudlin poet Morrissey returns with a new album, Low in High School, and as with his more recent album offerings, Moz is at his best when his whimsical sense of humor is at play in his song craft.

    There are two excellent examples of this. The first single from the record, "Spent the Day in Bed," dwells on whether it's better to be wrapped in the sheets all day than to deal with the world outside or to be fed 24/7 news streams and is also by far the most melodic and radio-friendly song on the album. "When You Open Your Legs" would rank a close second; a musing of late night revelry in a foreign land and the revelation alluded to in the song title.

    Speaking of foreign lands, the album has an obvious focus this time around on the nation of Israel and specifically the city of Tel-Aviv. Topics central to that region reveal themselves in the titles and lyrics of several tunes on the release. In addition, Middle Eastern rhythms and styles infuse a number of tunes as well to set the stage even more in that area of the world.

    Morrissey hasn't abandoned his penchant for blunt commentary on society and government by any means. "Who Will Protect Us From The Police" is self-explanatory and matches bitter lyrical design with a heavier aggressive musical arrangement and "I Bury The Living" dissects the folly and mindlessness of war and the soldiers who fight in them.

    Overall, the album has several shining highlights and admittedly some let-downs, but will be sure to appease the avid Morrissey fan while enticing new listeners to his musical realm.

    Morrissey brings his 2017 tour to Philadelphia on December 4th at The Fillmore for a very sold out show.
    Review by John Burke

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