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CD of The Week

Week of 5/27/19

    Honeyblood - In Plain Sight (Marathon)

    However unintentionally at first, Honeyblood has become a creative endeavor that seems to thrive in flux. Each album sees a change in lineup and a slight tweak in sound. Whereas Babes Never Die changed up drummers and explored a heavier sound than its punchier self-titled predecessor, this year's In Plain Sight finds Stina Tweeddale finally going it alone, effectively turning what started as a band into a solo project.

    It's a shift that works for the most part. As the sole connective tissue between albums, Tweeddale has always been the most palpable personality one connects to Honeyblood. She shines brighter and more confident than ever this time around, in part thanks to sharp production work from John Congleton. As he did with his past work with St. Vincent and Angel Olsen, and this year's work with Priests, he demonstrates a keen ability to bolster what makes any artist unique while simultaneously finding new configurations of their sound. 

    Said configurations result in pleasant surprises like the synthy, almost sinister, "You're a Trick" and the goading, girl-group indebted "The Third Degree". Meanwhile, the more expected Honeyblood sound can still be heard in the likes of opener "She's a Nightmare", which continues Tweeddale's uncanny ability to channel peak Kristin Hersh. The fact that there even is an "expected" sound for the band in spite of so much roster upheaval is a testament to the strength of her voice and abilities. 

    That voice has brought a wealth of fans to this point who should still be pleased with what they here. It will also likely draw in new ones who have yet to experience this artist who has slowly but surely been adapting and evolving in plain sight for some time now.

    Review by Rob Huff

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